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Delivery Information

It's nice to be with us! 3 main payment methods at SavVATS metalovirobi stores:

Payment by card bank


Got_vkoy payment

payment options

1. For individual clients - payment with a ready-made payment for self-transport:

1.1 Visa / MasterCard. Before payment we accept Visa and MasterCard cards. You can pay at the checkout in the terminal.

1.2 When self-transporting to a store, just pay with a ready-made

1.3 Overlays of payments. In the case of an individual order, you can pay "by payment". Tilki at the "Nova Poshta"

2. For organizations - payment by bank transfer

In case of replacement by phone or for additional electronic mail, the manager will be able to provide you with the requisites of the organization and the delivery of the rakhunok-invoice + vidatkou invoice.

Yak tse vidbuvaєtsya on crocs:

1 Buy the goods from the manager, order the delivery and delivery service. The manager vipishe rakhunok with urahuvannyam delivery, or without such - in the whole range. You pay for the delivery in the viddilenni delivery service.

2 Pay rakhunok by bank transfer. Acceptance only 100% overpayment.

3 Vipisute trust for the goods, or take a friend of the organization. Chi will accept the goods, rakhunok, vidatkova invoice by the delivery service.

4 Sign, or sign and seal and send back to the invoice. Vіdvantazhennya and delivery of goods are welcomed tіlki pіslya pіdtverdzhennya payment.

3. Ways of delivery from the online store:

More details about delivery service on the site

Delivery rate by region, wagons up to 5 kg, packing 20x20x20 cm:

In Kiev - from 41 UAH;

to Kharkiv - from 51 UAH;

to Odessa - from 51 UAH;

to Lviv - from 51 UAH;

service "Zvorotn_y delivery" of documents + from 31 UAH.

Rozrahunok delivery service

Butt 1: We got 5 kg of bolts to Kharkiv by bank transfer; delivery rate "New Post" warehouse from 91 UAH.

Application 2: the same replacement, payment by a ready-made "payment" - the rate is 95 UAH. Butt 3: the same replacement, payment for the service "mittuviy transfer" - okremo vartis to transfer - 2%, okremo delivery - 51 hryvnyas.

3.2 Self-service addresses:

from the store at the address st. Preobrazhenskaya, 37. 10 hilin from the Sevastopol area - Marvel at the map 1 from the warehouse at the address Okhotskiy Provulok, 1B. 15 khvilin from the metro station "Vidubichi" - Marvel at the map 2

3.3 Delivery in Kiev by courier:

Parity: from 50 UAH

Delivery term: from 2 days.

Terms of replacement day to day: from 100 UAH.

4. Substitute metalware and tools for 24 years for more than 7 days for a day!:

Brutal respect! You can buy metalovirobi for a skin day, incl. U wihіdnі and unworked days. The online store accepts applications around the clock - through the basket and by email. Applications for the coming working day are being processed.

Zd_yisnyuchi application, please enter the ringing phone number.

Physical store on the street Preobrazhenskiy, 37, pratsyu:

Tue-Sat: 10: 00-18: 00

Nd, Mon: vikhіdni

About vichіd і saints mentioned in the section "Novini".

I will ask you before the spіvrobіtnitstva!

Payment by bank transfer SavVATS metalovirobi buy

TOV "SavVATS" will ask for individual clients, private operators, assembly and maintenance brigades, maystrov STO, vlasnik TOV (TOV), FOP, enterprises of the other forms of power.

Notes: 5% - 25%

Take a note: write to the email, say: organization requisites, a group of goods, or a number of items, as you often want to change. The manager will tell you about the information and secure a post-sale price for your business. The sum for the urahuvannyam of the book is guilty of becoming not less than 1000 UAH.

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